• Program 2009-10

Water Use, Water Supply and Climate Change


April 20, 2010


6-8 pm


NYU Stern School of Business, Henry Kaufman Management Center,
44 West 4th Street (at Greene Street )

Water is a basic human right, but potable water has become increasingly scarce due to pollution, industrial development and climate change. We are in the midst of serious energy and water problems; the two issues are closely linked. The water supply sector uses large amounts of energy to transport, treat, and deliver water. For the energy sector, water is used in all energy creation stages including: extraction, processing, refining and transporting the fuels to power-generation sources. As cities continue to grow, water-use efficiency and conservation are needed to ensure adequate protection of water supply for these growing populations. The panel will examine what water conservation measures are being implemented by governments and corporations. In addition, it will address what citizens can do to ensure that this important resource is being preserved and protected for the public good.


Adam Gromis, NYU Stern


Marc Robert, COO, Water Asset Management; Vlada Kenniff, Director, NYC Environmental Protection, Bureau of Environmental Planning & Analysis | Planning & Water Demand Projections GIS ; David Walker, Director, Environmental Sustainability, Pepsico; Lawrence Levine, Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council