• Program 2009-10

Labor Organization in a Global Economy


May 18, 2010


6-8 pm


1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, 44th Floor

While declining union membership in the US and increasing globalization of the economy are stories that have been playing out for some time, it is not yet clear what the fate of organized labor will be in the 21st century. Unions continue to make news in the US, for example, with efforts to pass the Employee Free Choice Act to ease the process of organization, and were influential in the healthcare reform debate. At the same time, the methods of exerting influence are evolving, as evidenced by shareholder proposals submitted by unions and partnerships with environmental organizations on health issues and green jobs. NGOs have also stepped in with alternative means to address at least some of the issues surrounding fair treatment of workers.

Please join us as we explore questions surrounding the changing role of unions, other models available to ensure fair treatment of workers, and the benefits and risks to which unionized companies are exposed.


Conan Magee, ESG Analytics, RiskMetrics Group


Tom Croft, Executive Director, Steel Valley Authority and the Heartland Network, and author of Up From Wall Street: The Responsible Investment Alternative. Laura Caruso, Director of Policy and Legislative Issues, Local 32BJ of the Service Employees International Union. Craig Moss, Director of Corporate Programs and Training, Social Accountability International.