• Program 2009-10

High Performing Supply Chains


February 16, 2010


6-8 pm


NYU Center for Global Affairs Woolworth Building - 15 Barclay Street (Enter on Barclay Street) New York, NY

In July 2009, the NYT reported the launch of Wal-Mart's supplier sustainability index: "As the world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart Stores is on a mission to determine the social and environmental impact of every item it puts on its shelves."

This is a daunting task given that a company's supply chain is composed of a complex network of people, organizations and technologies and its management involves coordinating and integrating these flows both within and among companies. With its focus on the social and environmental impacts, supply chain performance measurement can range from GHG emissions, waste and water, to labor conditions, human rights and animal welfare. It has been argued, however, that there is a human cost to the "green" movement as suppliers are being asked to reduce costs while improve their environmental performance.

This panel will discuss how companies are working on improving the sustainability performance of their supply chains and working to achieve a truly sustainable supply chain.


Chrystina Gastelum, Manager, Carbon Disclosure Project, Supply Chain


Sabrina Vigilante, Director, Rainforest Alliance, Americas & Asia Pacific Sustainable Value Chains, Sustainable Agriculture Division; Shayne McQuade, CEO, Voltaic Systems; Mary White, Sr. Manager, Environmental Supplier Outreach, PepsiCo;