• Program 2007-08

The New Challenges of Supply Chain Management 2.0


November 20, 2007


6-8 pm


NYU Stern School of Business Henry Kaufman Management Center, The Commons 44 West 4th Street (at Greene Street), New York, NY 10012

Companies like Nike, Gap, and Ann Taylor came under fire a decade ago for labor and human rights abuses in overseas contract factories. Today, the era of "but those aren't our workers" is over, and companies realize that broad stakeholder support is a condition for their 'license to operate.' Progressive corporate action has taken a variety of forms: Nike disclosed conditions in its 700 contract factories worldwide, and Gap has asked SAI and Verité to assess its social responsibility program and factory monitoring program. What range of approaches is used in supply-chain management, and how can we assess the benefits and risks of each? For non-compliant factories, is zero-tolerance the best answer, or is cooperative remediation better? What role can long-term partnerships play in solving supply-chain issues, or preventing them before they happen? The panel will consider whether, overall, corporations have truly created sustainable improvements in their supply chains.


Eileen Kohl Kaufman, Executive Director, Social Accountability International


Eliza Eubank, Assistant VP of Environmental and Social Risk Management at Citi Markets & Banking, Amy Hall, Social Consciousness Director, EILEEN FISHER, Kevin Ogorzalek, Agribusiness Research Associate at World Wildlife Fund - US, Rochelle Zaid, Director of Accreditation, previously Director of Training and Accreditation for SAI