• Program 2007-08

China: A Sustainable Leap Forward?


February 19, 2008


6-8 pm


Credit Suisse, 11 Madison Ave, level 2B Auditorium, NYC

China's impressive economic growth has had some adverse environmental impacts. Smog is prevalent, water supplies are low, and, in some particularly hard hit areas, individuals are adversely affected. But rather than despairing, we can choose to view the Chinese sustainability challenge as an opportunity for the business community to make a positive difference. How can corporations help China regain the estimated 10% of GDP that is lost annually to environmental degradation and pollution? Can they create new green technologies specific to the developing world and roll them out globally? This panel will discuss China's rising as an opportunity for sustainability and the business community.


Michael Gresty, President, Kinetix [business ecology]


Trevor Houser, visiting fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, and partner at China Strategic Advisory; Hongyan He Oliver, Ph.D., Research Fellow for the Energy Technology; Innovation Project at Harvard University. Ross Warner, VP, Energy Trading-Environmental Markets, Credit Suisse;