• Program 2007-08

Art & Sustainability


December 18, 2007


6-8 pm


Smith-Barney, 345 Park Avenue 21st floor, New York NY

Artists have often been cultural forerunners, the "antennae of society," raising our awareness, providing special insight into who we are, and offering us alternative visions of the future in aesthetically compelling forms. The sustainability movement is based on a precept that is at once simple and complex: to recognize the interconnectedness of everything so that we take responsibility for shaping a future where diverse life forms can thrive while we prosper. For decades now, a growing number of artists, from musicians and writers to filmmakers and sculptors, have explored this precept and its implications. This panel will look at examples of their work, and discuss the unique role of art in helping us deepen our appreciation of the challenges we face.


Jackie Brookner, creates Biosculptures that clean polluted water, www.jackiebrookner.net


Eve Mosher, current project entitled "HighWaterLine" marks the 10-feet above sea level line around Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan, highwaterline.org/artist. Barbara Roux, Conservation artist. Current work "Brush with Nature" is exhibiting in Queens College Art Center, www.barbararoux.com. Bart Woodstrup, musical composer/sound artist. Current work entitled "Climate Control" is on exhibit at the West Hall Gallery at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. www.vodstrup.com