• Program 2011-12

Innovative Business Models for Sustainable Value Creation


December 06, 2011


6-8 pm


NYU Stern / Social Enterprise Association – Kaufman Management Center , 44 West 4th Street NYC NY - Gitlow Amphitheater - Room 1-70.

Sustainability can help create innovative opportunities to improve environmental and social performance to create profitable growth. Companies, start-ups and nonprofits are focusing on new business models to achieve this. Representatives from business, academia, government and NGO’s will discuss the macro market conditions driving ‘sustainable value creation’ both culturally and operationally. Current innovations in clean technology, product life cycle analysis, supply chain including shared resources, and social media will be explored.

Join the Sustainable Practice Network's panel of entrepreneurs and sustainability leaders to discuss how their businesses and organizations are using innovation to drive sustainability. Some of the topics to be discussed include: Where are sustainability-driven innovators headed and what can other companies learn from them? How do companies internalize a culture and process to ensure consistent innovation?


Michael Block, Executive Director, Sustainability Practice Network


Arrun Kapoor, Managing Director for SJF Ventures; Riggs Kubiak, Founder, Honest Buildings; Ben Flanner, Owner, Brooklyn Grange; Andrew Zolli, Executive Director and Curator of PopTech;