• Program 2006-07

Messaging Sustainability - Trend or Sign of Systemic Change?


December 11, 2006


Citigroup Smith Barney

Corporate responses to environmental risks are receiving more and more publicity through articles, editorials and advertising in the media - see recent editions of Time, Newsweek, Fortune and Vanity Fair as well as national newspapers, television news programs and cinema features. This panel discussion will explore the recent increase in media coverage of environmental issues (and broader corporate responsibility topics) alongside the growing number of companies reporting on their sustainability initiatives. Is this just a vogue - 'eco-chic' - or does it reflect a wider embrace of the idea that corporations are accountable to a broader range of stakeholders? How are companies measuring the value of communication on environmental and social issues? How are they integrating corporate responsibility into their brand processes? How are they strategically marketing their superior environmental and social performance? What risk, if any, does this pose to their brand and reputation?


Helena Barton, DNV, helena.barton(at)dnv.com


Michael Connor (CRO/Business- Ethics), Anthony Russell (The Corporate Good) and Nicholas Eisenberger (GreenOrder)