• Program 2006-07

The Post-Multinational Corporation: Can new business models deliver business growth alongside social, environmental and development progress?


April 10, 2007


6-8:30 pm


Deloitte, 4th Floor - Meeting Rooms A, B, and C. 2 World Financial Center, 225 Liberty Street, New York, NY 10002

'The emerging business model of the 21st century is not the 'multinational' company, but rather a 'globally integrated enterprise' whose new goal is the 'integration of production and value delivery worldwide', according to Sam Palmisano, Chairman and CEO of IBM (Foreign Affairs, May/June 2006).

Such globally integrated enterprises can deliver enormous economic benefits to developed and developing nations: raising living standards, improving working conditions and creating more jobs in those countries. But this shifting model of globally integrated enterprises presents big challenges for leaders in every sector of society.

This panel will explore whether new models of multinational corporations can achieve business growth while also creating opportunities for economic, social and environmental development in emerging markets and low income groups.

The panelists will explore:

  • How multinational companies and their business models are changing,
    and why
  • How new business models are bringing opportunities to low income people and communities - whether as consumers, employees or producers
  • What the less positive impacts of the new models might be on developing markets, such as impacts on domestic competitors, public policy and local livelihoods
  • The necessary factors (legislation, engagement, corporate commitments or collaborations) to ensure MNCs have an ethical or equitable impact on developing economies and the people living in them
  • Examples of scaleable multi-stakeholder partnerships and initiatives to address social and environmental development challenges


Michelle Dow, The Corporate Citizenship Company


Sasha Dichter, Director of Business Development, Acumen Fund Heather Grady, Director, Policy and Partnerships, Realizing Rights: The Ethical Globalization Initiative Michele Kahane, author of "Untapped: Creating Value in Underserved Markets"; Director, Special Projects, Center of Corporate Citizenship, Boston College Kathryn D Pavlovsky, Senior Manager, Global Environment & Sustainability Group, Deloitte