• Program 2017-18

Conscious Consumerism: Current Landscape for Business and Individuals


December 06, 2017


6:00 - 8:00 pm


LMHQ: 150 Broadway, (Liberty St & Maiden Lane) Tesla Room, 20th floor New York, NY 10038

We can all do our part in sharing existing resources and limiting new purchases, but the reality is that we are all still consumers. When we need to buy something, we can make an effort to be conscious consumers, taking into account the social and environmental impacts of our purchases.

Part of being a conscious consumer is educating ourselves about the hidden costs behind the things we buy. It also means understanding how our purchases can help shape more responsible business practices and a more sustainable economy. Every purchase is an opportunity to vote with your dollar for the world you want to see. If we don’t like what a company is doing, we should stop buying their products and ultimately cause them change.

Join Bard and SPN as our panel of experts explore sustainable development metrics, from ethical production, zero waste practices, responsible sourcing, clean energy use and commitments to social goals, as well as the innovative business models and technologies allowing companies and consumers to improve their social and environmental impacts.


Community and Sustainability Partner, Uncommon Goods;
Community Outreach and Sustainability Strategist, Lightfoot Market;
Community Development Associate, B Lab;


Director, Bard Center for Environmental Policy