• Program 2016-17

The Biophilic Workplace - What's Old is New Again


October 18, 2016


6:00 - 8:00 pm


Pratt Institute School of Architecture Programs for Sustainable Planning and Development

What’s old is new again. As we become an increasingly urban population, living in zero-culture ecosystems, it has become necessary to re-discover nature in ways that were intuitive just a few generations ago. Daylight - yes please! Multi-directional views to the outside - yep! Visual diversity, texture, color, prospect, and refuge - of course! The biophilic workplace has become emblematic of this re-discovery effort by both designers and corporations - perhaps as a way to improve both occupant experience and productivity while also providing a counterpoint to how far afield we’ve wandered in the name of progress in shaping the places we work and live. Join us for a lively discussion with practitioners on the leading edge of biophilic design. How can biophilic principles support a healthier, more resilient urban environment? What does a biophilic workplace look like? Does it really provide tangible benefits to productivity and the bottom line? What bioinspired innovative strategies and products are being developed? Come find out.


Principal, YRG ;
LEED AP, CSBA, Sr. Project Manager, Terrapin Bright Green;
AIA, Principal at Helena van Vliet Architect LLC;


LEED AP BD+C, Sr. Project Manager, Terrapin Bright Green