• Program 2012-13

GRI Reporting in the USA


November 13, 2012


6-9 pm


NYU Stern - Social Enterprise Association Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc


NYU Stern / Social Enterprise Association – Kaufman Management Center , 44 West 4th Street NYC NY – 11th Floor Conference Room 11-185

The GRI US Focal Point was officially launched at the NYSE on Monday January 31, 2011 with great fanfare. Since the launch there has been tremendous growth in companies reporting on their Environmental, Social, and Economic performance through the Global Reporting Initiative's Framework. In 2010, US based companies published roughly 180 reports, and in 2011 approximately 333 reports were published according to the Governance & Accountability Institute, the GRI Data Partner in the US. Though this growth is certainly significant, how material are ESG performance metrics to corporate decision making?

On the investor side, more and more mainstream investors are including ESG factors into their portfolio management using information gleaned from sustainability focused GRI reports to make decisions on best long term value and growth. These asset managers are identifying opportunities that others in the markets may be missing. Are there tangible indications that Wall Street's singular focus on quarterly financial performance has been modified by an increasingly higher rate of corporate ESG reporting?

This panel of experts will look at the current status of GRI reporting in the US from an investor and corporate perspective. What are the obstacles to broader corporate reporting? What are the value drivers and benefits? What processes and cultural factors contribute to best corporate ESG reporting? And how is this information being used by Investors?


Mark A. Serwinowski, President & Founder, Metavu


Mike Wallace, Director of Focal Point US, Global Reporting Initiative; Michael Muyot, President and Founder, CRD Analytics; Louis Coppola, Senior Vice President, Governance & Accountability Institute; Kip Cleverly, Director of Global Sustainability, International Flavors and Fragrances