Andrew Faust

Andrew Faust

Permaculture and Bioregional Educator, Designer at Center for Bioregional Living

One of the premier Permaculture teachers and designers in North America with over two decades of experience in the field. His passionate and visionary presentations and curriculum have inspired and motivated teachers and students since his ten year career as a high school teacher at a open community free school in Glenmoore, PA. He received a dual diploma from The Permaculture Institute of North America, in Design & Education for teaching over 50 PDC's and designing over 100 projects.

Andrew lived off the grid in West Virginia for 8 years where he designed and built his Permaculture Ph.d homestead, including a 1600 sq ft strawbale house. Faust moved to Brooklyn in 2007 and has been applying his knowledge primarily to creating permaculture curriculums for the urban landscape, culminating in a Permaculture Design Certification course, with over 500 graduates in NYC, many consider life changing.Andrew created The Center for Bioregional Living in Ellenville, NY with his partner Adriana MagaƱa as a hands-on educational campus for students, clients and their daughter Juniper.

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