Vasant Dhar

Vasant Dhar

Professor, NYU Center for Data Science; Editor-in-Chief, Big Data Journal

Vasant Dhar is a Data Scientist whose research addresses the following question: when do computers make better decisions than humans? His research is grounded in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and data big and small.

Professor Dhar teaches courses on Digital Marketing, Trading Strategies, and Prediction. He also writes on IT-driven transformation such as the one currently driving education, and implications for how firms talk to customers and partners and govern data responsibly.

He has written over 70 research articles, funded by grants from industry and the National Science Foundation. He pioneered the use of machine learning for predictive modeling on Wall Street across proprietary systematic trading, risk management, and customer and salesforce management. He is a frequent speaker in academic as well as industrial forums.

Professor Dhar received his Bachelor of Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, and his Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Pittsburgh.

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