Chloe Demrovsky

Chloe Demrovsky

Adjunct Instructor, Center for Global Affairs

Chloe Demrovsky is Adjunct Instructor at CGA and the Executive Director of Disaster Recovery Institute International, a nonprofit training institute in disaster preparedness for Fortune 500 companies and government bodies, where she designs and implements the international market development strategy and manages a global partnership network in 50 countries. She has made appearances on Bloomberg TV as an expert in natural disaster preparedness and has served as a consulting expert to the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction and the European Commission. She has participated in on-site briefings for the United States Congress, the IMF, the Federal Reserve, and the New York Stock Exchange as well as for visiting groups including the Moscow Mechanical Institute of Munitions, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East, and the Sino-Canadian Tech Exchange. She manages The International Glossary for Resiliency, acts as International Editor for Thrive Magazine and Revista Thrive Iberoamerica, and has been published in several respected industry publications. She has presented at events on four continents, most recently on a public-private partnerships panel at the Global Risk Forum in Davos, Switzerland and an impact investing panel at the University of San Diego’s Leadership for Peace and Prosperity Conference.

Her independent work focuses on private sector solutions for poverty alleviation and social inclusion. She conducted research on economic liberalization policy in India, designed a market research survey for a non-governmental organization in Kenya, and was a member of a climate change think tank for the United Nations. She holds a M.S. from the Center for Global Affairs and a B.A. from Bard College at Simon’s Rock. She speaks French, Spanish, and conversational Serbian.

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